bRoot Force Rooting Powder 8g

bRoot Force Rooting Powder 8g

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bROOT FORCE Rooting Powder

This is an optimized formulation that works for any herbaceous, woody, or semi-woody plant, especially on cactus and succulents. The rooting process can be 2x-8x faster with the use of this product!

Advantages of using rooting powder:

-a little goes a long way!

*Fast and efficient rooting
-rooting cuttings normally take 4-8 weeks without rooting assists; with rooting powder the cuttings usually root in 2-4 weeks, sometimes less!

*Rapid establishment of propagations
-since the cuttings root fast, they do not have to experience drying out for an extended period and they bounce back fast

*Healthier cuttings that go back to active growth right away
-rooting powder promotes growth of a lot of healthy new root tips, that means the cutting immediately starts growing again instead of waiting for roots to establish with traditional cuttings without rooting powder. Without rooting powder, cuttings generally only produce very few roots that may be weak; rooting powder takes care of this problems

bROOT FORCE may be also be used for fruit trees, ornamentals, cactus, succulents, even for marcotting or air layering!