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Heavenly Succulents on Handcrafted Ceramic Pot with Kanuma Toppings

Heavenly Succulents on Handcrafted Ceramic Pot with Kanuma Toppings

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Heavenly Succulents on Handcrafted Ceramic Pot with Kanuma Toppings

Indulge in the breathtaking beauty of our succulent dish garden. This captivating arrangement features a round handmade ceramic pot, carefully crafted to showcase the natural splendor of succulents. The pot is filled with a meticulously chosen assortment of four hardy succulent plants, potted in premium succulent soil for optimal growth.

To ensure the succulents thrive, ample sunlight or growlight support is recommended to avoid etiolation and maintain their radiant colors. Additionally, the dish garden is adorned with Kanuma soil toppings, a natural volcanic soil known for its excellent drainage and aeration properties. The Kanuma soil toppings not only promote healthy root development, but also add an elegant touch to the arrangement, creating a mesmerizing contrast with the succulents and the ceramic pot.

Embrace the harmonious beauty of succulent dish garden. Perfect as a centerpiece, a thoughtful gift, or a stylish addition to your own space, this arrangement is a symphony of natural elegance that will enchant and inspire succulent enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Plant Details and Care
🌏 Origin Philippines
📏 Pot Size


💧 Water Once A Week
☀️ Sunlight Full Filtered Sun
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