NutriHydro Growth Nutrient 500ML by Plant Culture PH

NutriHydro Growth Nutrient 500ML by Plant Culture PH

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What is NutriHydro (NH) Growth Nutrient?

NutriHydro Growth Nutrient is a part of NutrioHydro's Rapid Nutrient Intervention series. As the name says, it rapidly delivers nutrients to crops.
NH Growth Nutrient is a growth additive on top of existing plant nutrients for hydroponics, soil-grown, and foliar use. The use of this product increases the potential maximum growth of your lettuce and leafy crops.

How to Use NH Growth Nutrient?

There are 3 ways to use NH Growth Additive. First, as foliar. Dilute 1 ml to every 1.5 liters of water. Mist lettuces or leafy green crops once, every day or two.
Second, as an additive to existing nutrient solution of hydroponic systems. 1 mL to every 1.5 liters of existing solution.

In hydroponics, for best results, use as foliar and as an additive to existing nutrient tank.

Third, an additive to water plants on soil 1 mL to every 1.5 liters of water every two days.

When to use NH Growth Nutrient?

NH Growth Nutrient is used at the growth stage. Growth stage is defined as that point in time when lettuces and leafy greens start to really take off in growth. This is usually around 10 to 15 days from seed sprout.

What is the Difference between NutriHydro Lettuce Solution A and NutriHydro Growth Nutrient?

Both are similar but not exactly the same. While they both read the same NPK, NH Growth Nutrient is at the upper limit of nutrient ratios. There is more nutrient in NH Growth Nutrient than in NH Lettuce Solution A. Moreover, NH Growth Nutrient contains micronutrients which NH Lettuce Solution A does not have.
Additionally, NH Solution A is not available for individual bottle purchase while NH Growth Nutrient can only purchased individually.

Can I use NH Growth Nutrient at Hardening Stage?

Hardening is when seedlings are introduced to nutrient solution. Do not use NH Growth Nutrient at hardening stage because hardening stage is when seedlings concentrate its energy growing roots.

What is the Difference between NutriHydro's Iron Chelate and NutriHydro's Growth Nutrient?

Huge difference.

Nutrihydro Iron Chelate is used to treat iron deficiencies in crops. When used regularly, NH Iron Chelate direct nutrients at the stem causing increase in girth. When stems grow thicker, the roots follow, and so do the foliage. Lettuces and leafy greens grown with NH Iron Chelate are relatively thicker when measured with a caliper compared to crops grown without NH Iron Chelate.

NutriHydro Growth Nutrient is used as an additive to grow foliage. It is driven by nitrogen to push for growth and also uses a well-balanced composition of potassium, and a complete host of micronutrients for the overall complete health of crops.

Can I use NH Growth Nutrient with other Brands of Nutrients for Hydroponics?

Yes, you absolutely can and NH Growth Nutrient will work wonders. However, we strongly advise growers to ensure that steps are taken to measure the condition of the final solution. The term final solution is defined as water that