Condor Quality Seeds Pole Beans Christie 10g by Plant Culture PH

Condor Quality Seeds Pole Beans Christie 10g by Plant Culture PH

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Condor Vegetable Seeds by Plant Culture PH

Plant Culture PH is driven to promote urban gardening to every Filipino household. Growing your own food is a a fun activity that you and your family can enjoy. It allow you to encourage everyone to eat more vegetables and fruits as you harvest from your crops. It also allows you to have available organic harvests at the convenience of your own home. Gardening is also a good physical activity which also promotes a positive and healthy well-being.

1. Do not store in either hot or humid area. Store seeds in a cool, refrigerated, dry place, away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. Do not store seeds outdoor.

2. Ideally, seeds should be stored in its original, unopened packaging. Do not open the container until about to sow.

3. Keep remnanr seeds in their original packaging, place in a jar with a large quantity of dry silica gel or charcoal inside. Seal the jar tightly and place in refrigerator. Do not mix with food.

We value customer satisfaction, please feel free to message us for any concerns and queries regarding your orders rather than rating us with a 1 star right away. Happy Planting! [🌿]